Start Gourmet Fresh with
Café Boyo!

It all started in Cameroon

In 2021, we embarked on a meaningful collaboration with partner farms and farmers who share our commitment to cultivating exceptional coffee while maintaining sustainable practices that ensure consistent yields year after year.

The remarkable journey of our coffee began when our Founder, Jimmy Prude, ventured to Cameroon, an experience that laid the foundation for our coffee venture.

Quality at each step from
Farm To Cup

Step 1

Typica Varietal

Microlot Cultivated

Step 2

Organic Green

Honey Washed

Step 3

Viennese Roast


Step 4

Quality Cup

Sip & Enjoy!

Your Roast In Action

Distinction in Each Roast

We roast Cafe Boyo Viennese style in small batches at the edge of Medium-Dark, unlocking its full flavor profile.

Our master roaster, located in Chicago, skilfully allows for the rich and bold flavors of our coffee bean oils to rise and settle on the surface of the beans, producing a sweet and crisp aroma with a bold flavor of dark chocolate.

Café Boyo

A conscious and sustainable breakfast coffee enjoyed with ease, from sunrise to sunset, and with each roast improving the lives of men, women, children, and infants impacted by Sickle Cell in Bafut, Cameroon.