Our Aspirations

To be


We will become a stronger and nimbler Jimmy’s Vegan by increasing capacity, reshaping our cost, and improving our efficiency for future success through:

We’re identifying creative, competent, and diverse talent to grow our business and enhance our culture.

We’re managing our costs while lean, so we can reinvest and succeed in the marketplace.

We’re focusing on information and data, to scale our core products to customers and consumers.

To be

Customer Focused

"If everything is a focus NOTHING is a focus."

We’re using new technologies and online tools, to enhance our customer’s online experience.

We’re focused on engaging the right markets, to meet our customers where they’re at.

We’re fulfilling our company commitment to customers, by providing QualityTaste, and Transparency (C=QT²) across all Jimmy’s Vegan products.

To be


"It’s the people in front of us that are important, and having our values represent them is key." - Jimmy's Vegan

We’re growing our understanding in cultural competency daily, so that we can show up and have impact where it matters most; with people, customers, consumers, and communities.