Our Story

I can personally identify with adults, children, and families impacted by obesity and diabetes in America because i’ve been there. This is why Jimmy’s Vegan exist, to meet the health and wellness needs of people and communities, who deserve access to healthy and delicious vegan products that represent them, and their food-related values.

Jimmy Prude 
CEO & Founder, Jimmy’s Vegan

The growth of Jimmy’s Vegan, began with the launch of Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies, in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side, to meet the community health and wellness needs of 55,000 men, women, and children impacted by food insecurity at a rate of 23% and diabetes at a rate of 20% respectively.

Founder, Jimmy Prude during his time as a community organizer, initiated a healthy lifestyles partnership with UIC (University of Illinois-Chicago) Extensions, to provide Auburn Gresham and Englewood residents weekly access to an onsite nutritionist with classroom instruction.

Nutritionist Instructing Residents

Working with a nutritionist, residents learned how to incorporate small percentages of plant-based foods into their daily diet, and through online research worked to understand with clarity, food nutrition, labeling, and the many obscure and unpronounceable ingredients in the foods they consumed.

Over time through online research, and classroom instruction community members achieved positive outcomes. The shift resulted in residents becoming more health-conscious, and better informed to incorporate plant-based foods and healthier food options into their daily diet and lifestyle.

This encouraged Jimmy, to launch Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies, at the anual 79th Street Renaissance Festival, in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, where he brought 95 units of The Loaded Vegan Cookies, and sold out of all 95 units in less than five hours.

A few weeks later, Jimmy obtained product placement in the local Walgreens on 79th & Racine, in the very same neighborhood whose community buying power demonstrated, that everyday people want access to healthy and delicious vegan cookies and plant based foods.

79th Street Renaissance Festival

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