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Retail Solutions

Jimmy’s Vegan Countertop Program

If your retail and dining operations have a POS (Point of Sale) system, we have Jimmy’s Vegan On-The-Go, for your front store and check-out shoppers. We provide carton displays that are bold and visually distinctive for countertop impulse purchases.

    Countertop Program W3.CSS

Jimmy's Vegan  
Bakery Program

This program is for you if you’re a food service or dining operator with thaw-and-serve capability. We offer our low and zero-sugar vegan cookies in bulk or individually wrapped solutions for bakery, and grab-and-go purchases.

  Bakery Program W3.CSS

Jimmy’s Vegan Specialty Coffee Program

If you sell, serve, or distribute coffee and your customers enjoy specialty, then our West African single origin from Cameroon is for you. From Sunrise to Sunset, let your customers enjoy quality coffee with each brew, cup, and sip. 

This program benefits our partnership with the John Kolkman Foundation for the treatment and relief of Sickle Cell Disease in Bafut, Cameroon: Learn more

  Specialty Coffee Program W3.CSS