Cafe Boyo's
Origin Story

Little did I know that my journey to Cameroon, West Africa would have a profound impact on the social mission of Jimmy’s Vegan, after delivering essential medical supplies to a Sickle Cell treatment clinic in the town of Bafut.

Jimmy Prude

After hiking Mt. Cameroon, Jimmy traveled into the city of Bamenda, where he woke up early to exercise along the town’s road. He watched early risers going to work at the market, exercising on the road, and opening up their shops.

At sunrise, Jimmy met a young boy, an entrepreneur in his own right selling Puff-Puff’s (A Traditional West African Snack) and fresh coffee.

It was too early for Puff-Puff’s, but just the right time for coffee. The young boy filled Jimmy’s cup, and they both stood at his coffee cart, fully taking in the morning sunrise. When Jimmy took his first sip, he was amazed.

He asked the young boy where he got it from. His reply “It’s from here!” and proudly said with a smile on his face, “It’s Cameroonian coffee; we make it!”

It was at that moment Jimmy knew he wanted to share his Cameroonian coffee experience with people through Jimmy’s Vegan.

A West African single-origin specialty coffee, gifting excellent quality and taste with each brew, cup, and sip while improving people’s lives with Sickle Cell in Bafut, Cameroon.